We Help IT Teams Research, Source, and Implement New IT Services

We focus on strategic planning and utilizing technology to satisfy business needs to create efficient processes.

Modern Technology To Improve Your Business

The general purpose of Verge is to research, source, and deploy advanced information technologies for multi-user operation.

Collaboration To Keep You Connected

Be it SD WAN Implementations, Cloud Migration, Contact Centers, or New Unified Communications, Verge Advisors find the right tool for your specific needs

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Active Status Clients


Successful Projects

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We’ve been helping Mid-Size and Enterprise IT Teams lower costs and save time for over 15 Years

Verge Technology Solutions is a US-based Global Advisor that partners with a companies existing IT staff to optimize and complete projects while focusing on budget and timelines. We work with any industry and have shown strong track records across government, education, finance, and retail industries.


IT plays an increasingly important role in the management of complex finance including banking and fintech.


To Government such services as Emergency Services, Physical Security, and Private Networks.


See to the integrity and security of your medical records.

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Today’s Industry Insights

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What We Bring to the Table

Cyber Security

Protect networks, devices and data from attacks or unauthorized access.

Expense Management

Free your business from the cost and burden of data center operations.

SD WAN Migrations

Free up your in-house experts to focus on your core business.

Contact Center As A Service

Save you time, manage your orders, customers, products, deliveries.

Cloud Computing

Reduce your capital and operating costs, while modernizing your IT.

Mobility Management

Get an optimized environment built on leading technologies.

Unified Communications

Range from full applications to servers and virtual desktops.

IT Consultancy

Help to implement the winning advanced IT and marketing solutions.

Our list of services does not end here. We’ll adapt to your particular needs.

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